Which style of Salsa do you teach ?

We teach Cuban Salsa on 1

When are your classes ?

We run classes Monday, Tuesday & Thursday each week. We cater for absolute beginners through to Advanced Level dancers.
Further detailed information can be found by visiting our Classes page on the website.

What ages attend your classes ?

Our classes are aimed at adults 17 years and upwards.

Do I need any previous experience ?

No. We cater for absolute beginners at each of our venues.

How often will I need to take lessons ?

This depends on your confidence and your own personal ability. As we follow the same structure at each venue, some students
have attended more than one venue in the early stages to grasp the basics.

When can I start and do I have to pay upfront ?

We run classes on a drop in basis and you simply turn up any night / venue at your convenience and pay for the class you

How long will it take to learn Salsa ?

There is no set time as individual's progress at their own pace. It helps to regularly attend the first 3 or 4 lessons to grasp the
basics. Our classes are structured allowing the students to develop and progress with confidence.

Do I have to bring a friend or ( dancing ) partner or can I come on my own ?

It is not compulsory to bring your own partner ( although it helps ). You will find classes and events are welcoming and a great
place to meet new people.

Will you change partners within the class ?

Yes, it's our policy to rotate students within the classes. This helps with learning and increasing social confidence.

Will you teach anything other than Salsa ?

We introduce other dance rhythms as part of the learning process such as Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Son, Rumba, Kizomba
and Bachata. Rueda is anotherv way to develop your dancing in a fun way.

What type of clothes or footwear should I wear ?

Anything that is comfortable and shoes that allow you to move and spin easily.
Ladies - Very High heels, Mules and Flip Flops are not recommended for dancing in.
Guys - Bulky Trainers with a heavy grip can be restrictive in your movement.
Please note that Dance Shoes / Dance Trainers are a worthwhile investment.

Policy at Venues ?

We try to select venues that have a good dance floor, ample free car parking and bar facilities that will help create a good all
round , safe, social atmosphere for the students.

All that we ask is, students buy a drink from the bar as opposed to bringing their own into the class.

We want the classes to work for ourselves and our hosts as well as the students.

Will I get Hot ?

Yes, dancing can be quite energetic and sweaty. For personal hygiene we advise having a shower before attending a class and
always use deodorant and /or perfume / aftershave.

Is Salsa energetic ?

Yes, Salsa is energetic and can be quite strenuous at times. If you have any concerns about your physical fitness  please consult
your Doctor before attending the classes.

If you have any doubts about executing moves during the classes, please consult the instructor.

When can I practice what I learn ?

We organise parties  / events for all our students throughout the year and somemetimes invite guest instructors along to teach
the students.

How can I keep upto date with your classes / events ?

Simply register via the website to receive our monthly newsletter and we'll let you know of changes to our timetables and
forthcoming events.

How do I find your venues ?

There is a link to an interactive map for each of our venues on our Classes page on the website.

How much are the classes ?

Classes are currently £5 for Beginners and £5.50 for all other levels.  At Improver + Levels, you can do 2 classes on the same
night for £9

Do I have to pay for parking whilst at your classes / events ?

No. Each of our venues has ample free car parking facilities.

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