Copyright 2018 Salsa...feel the heat
The opportunity to experience social dance is a fantastic way to introduce young people to a lasting way
of keeping physically fit, develop new skills and have fun..Learning how to Salsa dance will improve :
*   General physical fitness, strength & stamina ( this can be quite an energetic dance )
*   Spatial awareness & coordination
*   Timing & Musicality
*   Partner & Teamwork
*   Confidence
*   Creativity & Self Expression
*   Knowledge of the roots of a dance style that is both authentic and modern as well as being social,
dynamic and good fun.

Primary Schools we have worked with include :

*   St Nathaniels Primary     *    Chowbent Primary   *   Christchurch Primay   *   Lowton Primary

After Schools Clubs

* Leigh CE    *    Chowbent    *     Grange High School

High Schools

*  Edmund Arrowsmith   *   Grange High School    *   Westleigh High School